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April 12th, 2009
12:29 am
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Content Restricted
Most of the content of this journal/blog is restricted. Feel free to leave a comment if you wish to be added.

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August 24th, 2007
11:04 am
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save camden market
Nicked from spangle_kitten... most people are probably aware of this already, but just in case anyone isn't or hasn't got round to signing...


Current Music: Dresden Dolls

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March 26th, 2007
04:46 pm
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Come out on Wed!
Am DJing (standing in for John) with Mark on Wed and we'd be muchly delighted if people felt like coming to join us! We promise to play lots and lots of good music for you, as well as being fabulous company of course :)

Should think we'll probably go for food beforehand at BOB as well - if you don't hear anything different between now and then, suggest 6.30 in BOB for all your favourite cardboard food.

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March 20th, 2007
10:49 am
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Thought provoking quote of the day...
“To escape boredom and avoid effort are incompatible, hence the reproduction of the very attitude from which escape is sought.” (Theodor Adorno)

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October 18th, 2006
10:34 am
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The Great Debate!
Poll #847591 My Chemical Romance and other stories

Should I play My Chemical Romance tonight at Church of Madness?

Yes because they are cool :)
Yes because, although they are dodgy, the kiddies like them and without kiddies there's no future!
No because they're awful - play them and you die!
Other (please explain)

EDIT - For those who were unsure a) who they are or b) what they sound like, you can enjoy their new single to your heart's content:

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September 29th, 2006
09:45 am
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Goth revival (again!)
The articles just keep coming...


(actually this one is not too bad on the whole in spite of getting one or two things wrong...)

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September 23rd, 2006
12:02 pm


Ok so if you're on MySpace you have to befriend churchofmadnessreading...


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September 22nd, 2006
09:50 am


Church of Madness
Sarahloo and I had fun creating new CofM flyer for the next few weeks (well actually Sarahloo did pretty much all of it because she is clever). Please copy and distribute this flyer on your journal/myspace site, on lists or wherever etc.

Church of Madness

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April 26th, 2006
07:34 pm
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beer festival
beer festival on saturday! be there or be um... square!

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March 20th, 2006
10:09 pm
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MySpace = MySun and MyFox
Just in case anyone was still under the sadly mistaken impression that it might be groovy and hip, 'MySun', ooops I mean 'MySpace' is officially the saddest most unkewl website in the world...

But hey, life is always fun with The Sun don't ya know.

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